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yoga encounter part 1

yesterday i joined the gym with christina for the summer, so as to get in some sort of semi-good shape before i jump town late august.

having done it once before, i decide im going to dedicate myself and take both yoga and pilates classes, to not only tone up my bum, but to make me more centered and in tune with myself and what not.

today, i walked into class and was greated by my instructor, a lovely portly indian man by the name of lorenzo.

I have one word for you. well, actually, 3. HARD CORE MULLET!
The man has a mullet like no other. a fine permed shoulder length mullet accentuated by blonde highlights.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Infact, i was mesmorized by it. as i was trying to do some akward backward stretch position thing, i nearly fell over because I couldnt concentrate. I jsut kept staring at his hair...

oh.. the mullet...
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