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Things that dont happen to anyone but me, part 99879472983723

Last saturday night was incident number 9827498237 of things that happen to me which never actually occur in real life, but you may see in a made for tv comedy.

Explanation: Last saturday night I roll into school at around 11, after spending the past 2 days with my parents in boston. Im supposed to be working club night at the hill in an hour, so of course I assume its going to be a fairly uneventful sober saturday for myself.

think again.

I walk into the room next door to me, and am attacked by a mob of drunk people slurring and spilling there drinks all over me insisting I drink... right then... real fast....large quantities. I oblige.

Drink a little in the room, head out to club night still sober with my head on straight, but carrying a few mix drinks incase I cant stand being around the hords of dunken fools which I anticipate arriving shortly to the hill.

Eventually, after being at 913 for maybe an hour or so, I leave with Matt to do some jaeger shots... have a few beers... go back to the club.

Drunkness sets in.
I dance for awhile, and eventually see midget boy.. the boy whom I've been randomly hooking up with this semester but never actually talk to when im sober.

here is where the story takes an "I cant believe this happened to me turn"

Midget boy (whose not really a midget) comes over and we start dancing together. Eventually we both decide its a fine idea to go back to his dorm. So, we do.

So were hooking up on his bed (which happened to be the top bunk), im fairly sure I was lacking most of my clothing, when his roomate starts to open the door, MB and I get flustered and next thing I know im falling from the top bunk onto the floor.... straight onto my head.

so here i am, half naked, MB's roomate at the door, him looking down at me, and my face like bleeding.

I now have this large rug burn on my forehead,so not only can I not pretend this didnt happen, but I also have to explain myself whenever someone asks where the hell I got it. ( of course, I leave out a lot when I tell the story to normal people)

The worst part being? Im pretty sure I got a concussion because I dont exactly remember alot after falling... my roomates filled me in, because when I got back apparently I told them the whole story.

Now I ask you... who the fuck does things like this actually happen to?
Me. Always me. I guess its funny kinda. I mean, I really dont care.. its just very typical of my life.. what a mess!
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