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late night blabberings: you dont want to read this

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ani difranco, art, backpacking, bare feet, barnes & nobles, bbq's, beer, being a couch potatoe, being dirty, ben folds, ben harper, biking, blind date, bonnaroo, books, booze, braid, bright eyes, cadoodaling, cafés, cake, ccr, chai, cheezy jokes, chex mix, cold water, congos, cotton candy, cowboy hats, cuddling, curly hair, daily horoscopes, dancing, decoupage, discovery channel, dreaming, drive in movies, drunk dials, duchess diner!!, easy mac, ella fitzgerald, elliot smith, emo boys, empire records, etta james, face painting, finger painting, flip flips, flip flops, fore head kisses, fortune cookies, frank sinatra, frappucinos, freckles, funnels, galactic, going cruising, guitars, harry potter, hippies, hoodies, hugs, international dining, jack johnson, jeff buckley, jurassic 5, keg stands, kind of like spitting, kurt vonnegut, literacy (yay!), long drives, long walks, marvin gaye, matt nathanson, modest mouse, moe., movies, mullets, music, new friends, new paltz, not being bored, orange!, pavement, picnics, piercings, plants, poetry, popper, radiohead, rainy nights, ramones, random condoming and chaos, rugby, rusted root, ryan adams, sandy beaches, sewing, skating, skiing, slam poetry, sleater kinney, sleeping, smoking popes, smoothies, snow showers, snowboarding, snowy mountains, stephen malkmus, sun tans, sundance film channel, surfing, swimming, tarot cards, tenacious d, the clash, the cubbyhole, the shit show, tlc, toe socks, traveling, u2, velvet underground, via via, video-taping, weezer, wilco, wild flowers, wild friends, wild parties, wine

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