kel (rockert) wrote,

im baaaaaack

Its been nearly 2 years since I have written in this.
Not to say my life has been a stand still for 2 years, but it might has well of been.

Had senior year at college - blurrr - got myself a real job - moved to boston - did the 9-5 - realized the 9-5 sucked horribly! - quit job - moved back home - bought one way ticket to bangkok departing in October.

Thats my life the past few years in a nutshell. Been some high highs and some low lows, but isnt that the way life is?

I dont know if going to Bangkok is running away from it all, or running to it?I guess we'll find out.

In the meantime, Im in poughkeepsie - where all of my friends have moved on from, where the only boy i ever loved still lives yet he doesnt care about me anymore - where time is going to drag on.

which is why, livejournal, you are going to rise from the ashes.
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