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been so long

so its been, what? nearly a year since i last wrote in this fantastic little doo-dad. In the meantime, I have been around the world. Did some pretty fucked up shit, saw some pretty fabulous things, and had multiple life altering experiences.

but now its all water under the bridge.
im still back in poughkeepsie, jobless, left with all this crap on my mind to think about. yeah ive been there, done that, but really, what do i have to show for it besides my pictures and memories. right now nothing. not one damn thing.

im dating brian again. dont know what to think about that. dont know if im totally wasting my time. probably am.
in the meantime, atleast im getting some.

cape week is next week. woo! all my pals are gonna be back from its jackmans 21st birthday. should be a complete and utter shit show. ill probably wet the bed ill be so drunk. but these things happen... more or less.
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