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Bonnaroo A-Z

Bonaroo started out fabulous... and fizzled out fast.

Tuesday- Friday rocked my socks off. Good music. Good drinks. Good drugs. Lots of dirty hippies to share the love.

Saturday-Monday... cell phone dies. I become deathly ill. Miss most of the shows I wanted to see because my throat is so swollen I cannot move, breathe, spit, swallow or anything. Those shows I can make it to I must sit in the back in agony.

Drive home from hell. Want to shoot myself in the face.
Spend next 50 something or so hours in the hospital hooked up to all sorts of nice IVs. yay.

get served more jello than i have ever cared to eat in my whole entire life.

declared i am struck with mono. make out disease. uh-oh.

i feel 23479382792973 times better right now post hosptial but my mother has put me on house arrest. Im 20 years old and locked up. dear lord.
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