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work blows

im at work. working for my dad is like the worst sumer job ever. now especially that he doesnt leave the office and go out on calls. hes constantly up my ass like a thong two sizes too small.

summer is going. 2 weeks by.. I cant say its flown because it hasnt. I cant say its been entirely fun either because its been more routine and bla than actual fun. the hours at work drag. i lick too many envelopes. i have ben going t the gym however. atleast my lard ass is doing something worthwhile.

other news..boys confuse me alot. even boys i used to be able to read like a book confuse me these days, and its unsettling. and by boys i mean daly mostly. he may not be confusing entirely himself, but im confusing myself and his presence isnt much help. i didnt like him. then as soon as he stopped trying and flinging himself upon me, i got frustrated. i dont know if its actual i like you why arent you talking to me anymore frustration, i want ass why arent you talking to me anymore frustration or im bored why arent you talking to me anymore frustration. he doesnt im me anymore, and i dont want to be weak and be the one to talk to him first. childish, i know... but this is the level of our relatioship. Ii cant figure out his motives. if he is waiting to see if i will get in touch with him, if he really doesnt care anymore or if he has someone else.

im psyching myself out. worst of all it doesnt even matter.
sometmes i toaly overanalyze things and people.

bla. is it 4 yet?

i need something new.
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